Thursday, June 17, 2010

Well I posted these pictures I got a little messed up and posted the newest ones first. As the above picture shows Branyan is now pulling himself up on just about everything and standing - quite often with just one hand. As you scroll down you will see that he has master crawling as well.
He just love the vacuum. The other day I was vacuuming the living room and he was chasing it around. I was pretty much in hysterics.

In his Johnny Jump-up.It is so cute to watch him jump. He loves it. He will stay in there for as long as 45 minutes sometimes.
Branyan is also learning to drink from a sippy now. He still gets most of his nutrients from nursing, but he has fun with the cup.
Now that Branyan is able to sit up it was time to graduate to a new bath rub. He loves bath time and has so much playing with his toys.
Branyan is now eating solid foods (well baby food anyway) and sitting his high chair at meal time. He looks so little in the high chair. :)

Branyan is now crawling. In fact he's been crawling for about a month now, since he was 6 months old. He is everywhere and gotten so fast. It's scary because he is so quiet and he will crawl up to right behind me while I'm in the kitchen facing the counter or something and don't know he's there until I go to take a step back and almost trip over him.