Saturday, April 3, 2010

Look at how intent both of father and son are watching NASCAR. Watching those cars go round and round in circles sure if mesmerizing.

Every day when David gets home from work he and Branyan go out and check the hot tub to be sure the chemicals are right and to turn it on. Mom and dad like to enjoy some time in the tub after Branyan goes to bed.
Branyan is now big enough to play in his excersaucer. He loves it. In this picture you'll notice a blanket behind him. When I first started putting him in this he wasn't able to sit up very well on his own so the blanket helped him be more stable. However, just about a week ago I took the blanket out. He is now strong enough to hold himself up.
I don't mean to brag (well maybe I do) but is this not the cutest picture you have ever seen? :)